Tips, suggestions and DIY videos.

Thoughts and tips on selecting your website name aka your domain name.

Should the name be long or short?  Is it easy to remember and spell?

When you use it in advertising remember you can capitalize parts to make it easy to read.
Like this instead of or YOURFREEDOMPODCAST.COM.  So often I see website names on cars or billboards and I can’t read them quick enough to know how to spell them.


How to select a web hosting plan.

I run a company selling hosting but I suggest godaddy for most all of you.

We discuss the types of hosting

  • shared, dedicated and virtual

And types of hosting software such as WordPress which is what I recommend if you want to edit the site yourself and for future portability which would make it easy to move your website to another hosting company in the future.


How to setup a WordPress site with Godaddy

Do it yourself step by step video showing you how to setup a WordPress website with godaddy shared hosting account. (Less than $100 per year)  Remember to select a Linux operating system!


How to use WordPress to edit and add to your website.

This video shows you the basics of adding and editing pages and posts along with installing themes and plugins. It really is simple so much so that you can do it yourself without a programmer.

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