SEO and Marketing tips for small business

This small business podcast covers SEO and Marketing tips for your business.

SEO basics

Adding more content to your site is always a good thing and more important than most people realize. So add some good content to your site now!

Do you have a sitemap file which is a simple page with links to all of your pages?

Have you started using and REVIEWING anayltics of visitors of your website? You should so as you see which keywords are getting visitors to your website. You might find some long tail keywords that end up being a niche market for you small business.

Have you looked at google’s suggestions for keywords/key phrases which are different but similar to they key words you are using?

Are you using key phrases with your youtube videos? Are you using posts to google plus to highlight your business?

Have you added your company and website to linkedin?

Where else can the search engines see your business so as it knows your company is more than just a website.

Hopefully you can take some action today to help your website’s SEO.

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