Outsourcing your PPC pay per click advertising review of Trada

In this podcast I review outsourcing our PPC pay per click advertising program with trada.com

  • What does Trada do to run your PPC ads? Out
  • Minimum budget
  • Results of the trada campaign
  • Who knows your business best? If it is you then you should run your campaigns.
  • Who is reach local? Guess what you setup local advertising with google’s adwords yourself.
  • Retargeting/Remarketing campaigns you can set it up your self instead of paying someone else.
  • Google Plus (I called it Google Pages in the podcast)- looks like google is ranking the posts you place there quite highly.

Learning these skills will make you valuable to other companies as well as help you get your business more business via search engines.

Don’t have a business, maybe you have a hobby you could start blogging about! Try something new and stick with it!

Questions? Thoughts please share them!

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