Ideas and Idea sex and how to become an idea machine by working your brain

This episode covers how to work out your idea muscle aka your brain.

I have been an idea machine in that I look at anything and wonder how it could be different and or better.  Claudia and James Altucher suggest coming up with 10 or more ideas a day around a theme.  They also suggest giving your ideas away to people and business for free which ends up helping you in the future.  It can surely help with networking when people know you are an idea machine with helpful ideas.  Remember many of your ideas are bad and that is ok it is all about practice of working your brain out.  Michael Jordan’s first shot was probably bad, maybe his first 9 or 90 even.

I cover how I used Idea Sex or Idea cross pollination to get a patent by combining two technologies from two totally different hobbies of mine.  Golf and autocross car racing.

Ways to become an idea machine:

  • Think how you would change or improve processes or things you interact with each day.  (I talk about an idea to use a sponge in a chicken water to provide water for bees while keeping them from drowning)
  • List 10 or more ideas each day on a certain topic.  Claudia and James suggest this and examples include 10 people you would like to have lunch with, ten ways to modify toilets.  They cite that their lives and lives of others are different after doing this practice for 6 months along with doing other healthy habits.  Check out their books “How to Become an Idea Machine”, And their “Choose Yourself” series of books available on the kindle app via for .99 cents.

Ask yourself daily how could I help, who could I help and what is the first step to do so.


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