How to Live Stream Video Yourself

After presenting a speech about live streaming for a Toastmasters speech this week I got quite a few questions. That was to be expected in giving a five minute speech on a topic like Live Streaming.  So here are the answers

How to Live Stream Broadcast Video Yourself

What you need to live stream video

  1. Smart Phone
  2. Install App
    1. Facebook, YouTube, Meerkat, Periscope
    2. Account with above app (you create after installing)
  3. Good wifi or cell phone connection (app will alert you)

Take it to the next level with the following

  1. Good lighting
  2. Lavalier microphone wired or wireless.
  3. Tripod or camera mount  (or camera crew – Thanks Steve)

TIPS When it is time to broadcast put your phone in do not disturb mode (so phone calls don’t stop your streaming) and make sure it is fully charged or plugged in.

(If you are super cool you broadcast live on all of these at one time aka Tai Lopez see the tripod with multiple phones?)

Tai Lopez Camera Mount for Live Streaming
Tai Lopez Camera Mount for Live Streaming
Tai Lopez tripod with multiple camera mounts for live streaming
Tai Lopez tripod with multiple camera mounts for live streaming

So one of the questions is which platform should you be live streaming on? As of May 2016 Facebook has opened up live streaming to everyone. And YouTube also has live streaming available as well. They are the two gorillas in the room so I’d suggest live streaming on one of those platforms if you are just starting.

Another easy way to choose is where do you have a larger following?

Why would you want to live stream something?

Facebook will show your video live at the top of your friends/followers “news feed”. This means they are promoting you and whatever you are offering right now for free (FREE Marketing).  Many companies now have to pay to reach their followers (people who have liked or followed their page) And your video lives on after you are done recording so people will continue to watch it.  It is like a DVR is built into the Facebook ap.
Another reason to live stream is the instant feedback while you are broadcasting. You can ask your audience if they have questions concerning you topic. (Might help you come up with articles to write, and videos or products to make)  You can ask them where they are from etc.
You are also creating content and letting your audience connect with you.  Supposedly people want to look at me and you 😉

A really good reason marketing reason to live stream

With Facebook they keep a list of who has viewed your video so you could advertise something to them later.  Then they take this to the next level and will create a (look alike) audience which is much larger who you can advertise to.

**I highly suggest you advertise to visitors of your website as well as your Facebook/YouTube pages since they were interested in your content.  And Facebook and Google can create lookalike audiences from the visitors to your site**  (Ask me if you advertise but are missing out on these opportunities)

Did you know more videos on mobile devices are watched on Facebook than YouTube as of 2016? Facebook wants to promote video thus they highlight that you are live and that you have recently recorded a live stream video. The other apps are Periscope, Meerkat and maybe Blab.

Pro Tip: If you have been building a YouTube video channel also load your videos up to Facebook directly (remember they are competing with YouTube for views) and they are more likely to show your post to your friends/followers if the video is on Facebook rather than YouTube.

A quick recap of who should be live streaming video anyone who sells their services or has something to show or teach someone:

  • Speaker
  • Teacher
  • Horse Boarder
  • Cat Owner
  • Homesteader
  • Interesting Person
  • Concerned Person
  • (yes I’m trying to include everyone of you)

You can create a following in a niche market
( There are over 1 BILLION active Facebook users and YouTube viewers).  If you are interested in it so are others.
I typed in “under water basket weaving” and Facebook said  1000 people were talking about it.

How do you look and sound good? Microphones and Lights

Many people like Chalene Johnson sit in a chair while live streaming.  She recommends a halo light and a lavalier microphone.  She has a great podcast with lots of tips and thoughts for live streaming.  She takes the audio from her live broadcasts and uploads it for her podcast.

Here are two lavalier microphone choices on Amazon.

You could also use these with your smart phone to record solo podcasts. I’ve used my standard iPhone headset in the past for recording. If you can keep it from rubbing on your clothes it is adequate.  If you are going pro I can list about $1,000 or equipment for the best audio.

As for lighting I bought a light from home depot that is like the more expensive Halo lights on amazon. There are kits for studio lights on amazon for $50 or $52 umbrella light set and the more expensive halo light with remote $280. These lights eliminate shadows.

Tips for the content of your live stream/broadcast

As for tips think for the content of your live broadcast.  You can treat it like a short speech with a call to action to get engagement.
Tell them who you are, tell them what you are going to tell them and summarize.  Keep them short to start with and ask and answer some questions to get some feedback. And then monitor the views and comments on the video as time goes on. For example in the past day Facebook says 270 views and 6 comments.

When you end your broadcast you have the option to save the video to your smart phone.  Then you can upload it to the YouTube, Facebook, your website, Vimeo …

And a last tip for those of you who read down to here (even for those of you who skipped down here).  Ask viewers to share your video!

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