Follow your passion to find success in business which leads to your freedom.

This podcast covers developing your passion into a business which can lead to more freedom for you. Some ideas are proposed from photography to kid camp. I turned 40 in 2014 and many of my friends are about the same age. Several have mentioned the lack of passion they find with their job/career. I’m happy to encourage everyone to follow their passion. I think you should focus your efforts to create a website, YouTube channel or business. You may already be taking the time to post of Facebook or YouTube rather than spending that time with your own blog/website where you can eventually monetize it. You might eventually have many followers and sell them eBooks, T-shirts or something else.
Biggest key take some action, the more focused and consistent the better.

What are the benefits of being less structured in business?

I see myself as rather unstructured and I think there are both benefits and drawbacks to being less structured.

Are you structured or unstructured? Would it help you to be less structured or more structured? I think a mix is the best depending on the situation.

Spring Cleaning your mind – Check out Derek Lauber’s post

I forget how I found Derek’s site but I know him from the Toast Masters group I attend.

He has some great suggestions on the page I linked to below. I’ve heard about some of his suggestions but not all of them. His ideal to journal several times a day is new to me. I believe I read in the 4 hour work week to make a list each day of what you want to get done. Derek takes this to a new level with journaling 3 times a day. I best start journaling now!

Interview with Jeff Lundgren who is a successful Multi Level Business Owner

This podcast is an interview with Jeff Lundgren covering his success in multi level marketing Protandim business.

We discuss many things including what it takes to be successful in a MLM business as well as some of the benefits of a MLM vs other businesses including:

  • Start up costs
  • Training
  • Support Network – much like a franchise
  • Everyone you know can participate – unlike many other businesses you can own

If you are wondering what it takes to be successful in business this interview will help.  Jeff ran successful businesses as a partner and owner before this business.

I believe a MLM business can teach a lot about business in general and it is easier to start than many traditional businesses and comes with a support network of people who want to see you succeed.

For info on Protandim click here.

For Jeff’s page on Lifevantage.



Google Call Ads Review and Google Analytics Conversion Review and Retargeting Review

This podcast covers real world experience for the following Search Engine Marketing products:

  • Google Call Ads Review
  • Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
  • Google’s Retargeting

Google’s Retargeting

Google has a retargeting paid search option which I highly recommend. Basically you can choose to show ads to people who view certain pages on your websites when they are viewing other websites. You can choose how often and for how long you want to display their ads. This helps visitors remember you. You have probably seen ads for products you have recently looked at on other sites shortly after viewing them. They are using retargeting. When you view a website they place a cookie on your browser and other websites see this cookie and display Google ads for that site or product.

Google Call Ads Review

This is google’s product which shows your phone number with your paid ads so as peole can simply click it to call you. It now costs you just as much as any ad. Realize many people accidentally click on ads when using their mobile phones. This ends up costing you money.

For Riptide Hosting ,a web hosting company, we found Google’s call ad’s to be a bad option for us. For our business we surely didn’t want to show call ads or most any ads for mobile devices. If your customers use their phones to find you then you should advertise to mobile devices. For our web hosting company we think most people will research us on a computer with a bigger screen.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

Even if you don’t actually sell a product on your website, meaning you don’t have a click here to buy, you can still use conversion tracking to track which of your website visitors make it to certain pages on your site. You might want to know which visitors especially those who clicked on an ad to get to your site make it to your pricing page. This will help you know which search terms are the ones you should focus on.

Track your time and find some for something new and productive

This episode covers a number of thoughts to help you change your habits and use your time for something productive. I bet you can find time to get ahead.

“The trick in life is not to trick yourself” Dennis Prager

Try something new. Listen to, read or start learning something new that you will look back in a year and be glad you invested your time.

I found myself reading the same websites each and everyday and those websites were not teaching me anything that helps me in any way. Instead if anything it just let me know the bad news each and everyday. A few weeks ago I changed my habit from the old sites to any site or youtube video that I was interested in learning about.

I also talk about a photographer we use who makes her living with her camera. Is photography your hobby and your passion? If so you should and you can make money with your camera.

Do you multitask? I’m writing this post while watching the NFL playoff game. You could be adding a post to your website, researching businesses that you would like to run. On your commute you could be listening to podcasts or even youtube videos. I listen to many youtube videos rather than watch them. Do you listen to music or the radio at work? You can change

Podcast including self help tips, buying locally, start making more in your country

This podcast touches on a lot topics including:

  • Some economic stats including the increase in food stamp of 50% in the past 5 years – good time to make some extra money or more money by creating your own business
  • Paper assets (money) versus gold and silver
  • Buying locally keeps more money in your community
  • Creating your own job frees up a job for someone else
  • Self help tip from Joe Dispenza – Be grateful now for what you will accomplish in the future. Be specific and think about how grateful you will be and to whom when you accomplish your specific goal
  • We all have 24 hours in the day – It is matter of taking action

What to spend time and money on to grow your business?

What to spend time and money on to grow your business?

We only have so many seconds in each day. Where should you be spending them?

I mention a Tmobile home phone service I have but I’ve not been using as an example of something I can spend some time to cancel. Update I did call to cancel and they gave me the service free for a year. So I’ll have to spend more time in the future to cancel it if I don’t end up using it.

Should you be using an electronic or call center to help you with your calls? may be a good option or an actual call center service like CMS may work well for you especially if you still have a full time job. This ensures someone is answering the calls you can’t answer.

Are you spending a decent amount of your time watching TV which merely passes your free time? I’ve been cable and TV free for over a year and I’m happy with the extra free time. When I’m bored I realize I would have been watching TV but now that isn’t an option so I find other things to do.

We only have so many seconds in a day how can you better use yours to free up more of your time in the future?

Setup up Conversion tracking on your website with Google Adwords

This is a short video showing you how to setup conversion tracking for your website using Google. Basically you name the conversion, select a few options and Google give you code for your page that lets them track the conversion. This is handy so as you know which clicks (free or paid etc) are turning into conversions. A conversion may be selling something or filling out a form or even making it to a certain page.

Have You Been Trained to Get A Job?

Listen to this podcast to hear an uncommon perspective on earning a living.

Hear ideas from The Millionaire Mind, The Millionaire Next Door, and The Four Hour Work Week discussed.

Learn why owning a small business is forcing yourself to save money.

Discover the difference between leaving a job and selling your business.

Lastly, you’ll hear personal tips for how to come up with your “Why?”