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How to setup your You Tube channel

Here is a short and simple video showing you how easy it is to setup your youtube.com channel.  It only takes a few minutes.  Then you can upload videos.

I suggest uploading videos to youtube.com rather than hosting them on your server for these reasons:

  • People will find the videos on YouTube.com and then find your site.
  • YouTube will provide the bandwidth instead of your hosting program.
  • YouTube will provide the storage instead of your website.

I also mentioned using Kall8.com for 1.888.123.1234 phone number for your business.  I have used them for 8 or 9 years.  I really like using them because any voice mails that are left are emailed to me and others, I can login and look at call logs and I get an email anytime someone calls even if they do not leave a message.  That makes it possible to call the missed calls back.  Since I get an email for the business calls to 1.888 I know those are business rather than personal calls.