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Business Motivation – Adding content to your site for SEO

Listen to this podcast to hear about what happens when you neglect your businesses website.

If you don’t have a business, you should still listen because you can and you should create your own website for free. Check out

Instead of spending time on other website’s, hear why you should spend time adding content to your website.

A hobby today, could turn in to a business tomorrow.  Hear how.

In the end, after listening to this podcast you will be motivated to take action today.  (Tomorrow, and the next day!)



What kind of web hosting plan do you need?

We discuss what to consider when choosing a web hosting plan from shared hosting to content management and portability.  If you choose the right platform you can start small and migrate to a more powerful plan when needed which will save you money and time.

What to consider when selecting a domain name for your business.

In this episode we chat about what to consider when selecting a domain name aka a URL for your business.  Short versus long domain names as well as how easily you can spell it and can someone remember it.  Should it have key words in it?