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Have You Been Trained to Get A Job?

Listen to this podcast to hear an uncommon perspective on earning a living.

Hear ideas from The Millionaire Mind, The Millionaire Next Door, and The Four Hour Work Week discussed.

Learn why owning a small business is forcing yourself to save money.

Discover the difference between leaving a job and selling your business.

Lastly, you’ll hear personal tips for how to come up with your “Why?”


If you are unemployed start a website and business

This podcast was motivated by someone I know who is unemployed and wants to get a corporate job. Of course I thought he should start his own business.

My suggestions on this podcast include starting a website to document your volunteer work, your passions, consulting skills etc.

You can setup websites for free at If you have free time use it to promote yourself via website.

You can create a site very easily today via the web browser you are using to view this site.

Why do you choose to do you what your are doing?

Today I explore why I do somethings and not others? Can you figure out what will motivate you to take action to start your business?

What will motivate you to take some action today?

If you do things for rewards then think about the rewards of owning your own business. The freedom, free time, independence is huge for me.

Start picturing the success you can have.

What time can you redirect toward you business?

What motivation will you find to own you own business?

Building a Business is Creating a Nest Egg for You – Is your job?

In this episode we discuss the benefit of creating your own business being its value because you built it. You can sell your business after X number of years. What can you get after working for someone else.  What job can you get with a pension?  More than likely you are not going to find a job that provides you a pension.  Owning a business is also creating a nest egg for your retirement.  So I’d say if you are asking “How to save for retirement?” I say you should own a business.  You can start your own or buy an existing one.

Maybe you can buy a business to get a jump start here is one site that lists businesses for sale. You might also buy a business to grow your business.

Can you turn your hobby into a side business? Custom buildings? Tax returns?

Do you have a passion you can turn into a business?

Are you someone who posts a lot on social sites? Maybe you should start a blog or website of your own. Example maybe you are into documenting your race car work. Start posting all your photos and how to information on your own site or blog. Then you can advertise on the site with something like google’s adsense or affilate links etc.

You can offer your services on today for free!

Action is key so take some action!

If you know someone who owns their own business and you think they would make a good interview let me know.

Collaborate instead of Partnering, Finding Motivation, Why are you going to put in extra effort

In this podcast we cover:

  • Collaborate instead of Partnering
  • Finding Motivation
  • Why are you going to put in extra effort
  • Partnering or Collaborating to move your business forward

How to make money consulting and replace your job.

Today I cover how I got started web site consulting as a side business and challenge you to find businesses you could consult to.  For me a few consulting opportunities enabled me to quit my full time job and focus building my company Riptide

Consulting have given me a lot of freedom!

  • I now can take as much vacation as I can afford to.
  • I can work from most any location with an internet connection.
  • No more driving to the office.
  • No more 9 to 5.
  • No more busy work for the sake of getting the hours in.
  • No more relying on a single employer/company for my income.

Who would pay you for help?

Multilevel Marketing as Business Education

Today we discuss the positive aspects of multilevel marketing.

I learned a lot about business when I joined Amway back in college.    I learned more about business from the books they suggested than I did getting 2 business degrees.  You may not control the brand like you do if you own your own business but there is lots to be learned.  I credit Amway with teaching me about residual income which lead me to starting a company that produces it.


  • Low Start-up costs
  • Learn to Sale
  • Learn about business (certain groups will be better than others)
  • Learn about residual income
  • Everyone can work with you (try hiring everyone you meet to work in other businesses)
  • Step by step instructions – I really believe it works if you work it.  Many people myself included surely think they can do better than what was suggested.
  • The parent company controls the brand, payout etc.
  • Stigma of a pyramid scheme – but can you make more than your boss or CEO at regular companies?  In multilevel marketing you can make more than the people above you if you grow your business larger.


Business Podcast Introduction to Your Freedom

The first podcast.

Introducing myself, my background and goals for this podcast.  Including the idea of residual income and ways to earn it.

Keys to business take some action.  You will learn a ton by taking action whether is is buying a foreclosure or buying servers for web hosting.  Did both of them and have learned tons because we took action.

Still wasn’t sure what the name of the site would be but I took the action of recording it!