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Finding business and life motivation with Jack Canfield The Success Principals

I am pumped about everything I’ve been learning.  I’m currently reading Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principals”

Some productivity techniques from Jack:

  • Write down five goals or five tasks for each and everyday.
  • Get Accountability Partner who you review your goals and tasks.

Also write down your life goals.  Add to the list as you think of more.  Share what you love and what your find inspiring.

You can buy his 10th anniversary book here and get some bonus content including the first two chapters as a download along with a couple hours of Jack talking and answering questions. The Success Principles Book

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Recently I signed up with Michael O’neal’s “Solo Hour’ which is an online mastermind group.  In a group like this you get help with your business questions and you get to network with other people who are also looking to be successful in business.

I also discuss online business ideas like selling an eBook and creating other forms of digital media.  Remember you may not consider yourself an expert but if you know more about a topic than other people then you can teach them.

And I discuss using Instagram for your business, passion or hobby.  I’m using an app on my iPhone named ‘Word SWAG’ to add text to my photos and to get backgrounds for sayings.

I also talk about working on discipline for my business and passions.

Jack also suggested adding a new habit to an existing habit to increase your success.  Example every time you brush your teeth do some push-ups.

Have a great day and make your list to get more done!

Track your time and find some for something new and productive

This episode covers a number of thoughts to help you change your habits and use your time for something productive. I bet you can find time to get ahead.

“The trick in life is not to trick yourself” Dennis Prager

Try something new. Listen to, read or start learning something new that you will look back in a year and be glad you invested your time.

I found myself reading the same websites each and everyday and those websites were not teaching me anything that helps me in any way. Instead if anything it just let me know the bad news each and everyday. A few weeks ago I changed my habit from the old sites to any site or youtube video that I was interested in learning about.

I also talk about a photographer we use who makes her living with her camera. Is photography your hobby and your passion? If so you should and you can make money with your camera.

Do you multitask? I’m writing this post while watching the NFL playoff game. You could be adding a post to your website, researching businesses that you would like to run. On your commute you could be listening to podcasts or even youtube videos. I listen to many youtube videos rather than watch them. Do you listen to music or the radio at work? You can change

What to spend time and money on to grow your business?

What to spend time and money on to grow your business?

We only have so many seconds in each day. Where should you be spending them?

I mention a Tmobile home phone service I have but I’ve not been using as an example of something I can spend some time to cancel. Update I did call to cancel and they gave me the service free for a year. So I’ll have to spend more time in the future to cancel it if I don’t end up using it.

Should you be using an electronic or call center to help you with your calls? may be a good option or an actual call center service like CMS may work well for you especially if you still have a full time job. This ensures someone is answering the calls you can’t answer.

Are you spending a decent amount of your time watching TV which merely passes your free time? I’ve been cable and TV free for over a year and I’m happy with the extra free time. When I’m bored I realize I would have been watching TV but now that isn’t an option so I find other things to do.

We only have so many seconds in a day how can you better use yours to free up more of your time in the future?

SEO and Marketing tips for small business

This small business podcast covers SEO and Marketing tips for your business.

SEO basics

Adding more content to your site is always a good thing and more important than most people realize. So add some good content to your site now!

Do you have a sitemap file which is a simple page with links to all of your pages?

Have you started using and REVIEWING anayltics of visitors of your website? You should so as you see which keywords are getting visitors to your website. You might find some long tail keywords that end up being a niche market for you small business.

Have you looked at google’s suggestions for keywords/key phrases which are different but similar to they key words you are using?

Are you using key phrases with your youtube videos? Are you using posts to google plus to highlight your business?

Have you added your company and website to linkedin?

Where else can the search engines see your business so as it knows your company is more than just a website.

Hopefully you can take some action today to help your website’s SEO.

Small Business networking and Marketing Tips

In this episode we discuss some different networking and marketing tips. From using toastmasters to meet other people to find out that our bank has monthly networking events.

A tip is to keep trying different types of marketing. For example internet radio ads didn’t produce results for us and neither did impression advertising.

Sponsoring different groups has produced results and more than just new customers.

Maybe you should try offering an affilate marketing program. How much would you pay someone for a successful lead? Can you help another company who in turn can help you?

Can you get free products to review for companies?

Advertise on other web sites, try PPC (pay per click advertising) your ads can show up today.

Craigs list is free so that is something to try!

Have you setup a retargeting campaign to show ads to people who have visited your site? Want to learn how to setup a retargeting campaign then watch this video:

Try something new!

Building a Business is Creating a Nest Egg for You – Is your job?

In this episode we discuss the benefit of creating your own business being its value because you built it. You can sell your business after X number of years. What can you get after working for someone else.  What job can you get with a pension?  More than likely you are not going to find a job that provides you a pension.  Owning a business is also creating a nest egg for your retirement.  So I’d say if you are asking “How to save for retirement?” I say you should own a business.  You can start your own or buy an existing one.

Maybe you can buy a business to get a jump start here is one site that lists businesses for sale. You might also buy a business to grow your business.

Can you turn your hobby into a side business? Custom buildings? Tax returns?

Do you have a passion you can turn into a business?

Are you someone who posts a lot on social sites? Maybe you should start a blog or website of your own. Example maybe you are into documenting your race car work. Start posting all your photos and how to information on your own site or blog. Then you can advertise on the site with something like google’s adsense or affilate links etc.

You can offer your services on today for free!

Action is key so take some action!

If you know someone who owns their own business and you think they would make a good interview let me know.

Outsourcing your PPC pay per click advertising review of Trada

In this podcast I review outsourcing our PPC pay per click advertising program with

  • What does Trada do to run your PPC ads? Out
  • Minimum budget
  • Results of the trada campaign
  • Who knows your business best? If it is you then you should run your campaigns.
  • Who is reach local? Guess what you setup local advertising with google’s adwords yourself.
  • Retargeting/Remarketing campaigns you can set it up your self instead of paying someone else.
  • Google Plus (I called it Google Pages in the podcast)- looks like google is ranking the posts you place there quite highly.

Learning these skills will make you valuable to other companies as well as help you get your business more business via search engines.

Don’t have a business, maybe you have a hobby you could start blogging about! Try something new and stick with it!

Questions? Thoughts please share them!

Collaborate instead of Partnering, Finding Motivation, Why are you going to put in extra effort

In this podcast we cover:

  • Collaborate instead of Partnering
  • Finding Motivation
  • Why are you going to put in extra effort
  • Partnering or Collaborating to move your business forward

How to make money consulting and replace your job.

Today I cover how I got started web site consulting as a side business and challenge you to find businesses you could consult to.  For me a few consulting opportunities enabled me to quit my full time job and focus building my company Riptide

Consulting have given me a lot of freedom!

  • I now can take as much vacation as I can afford to.
  • I can work from most any location with an internet connection.
  • No more driving to the office.
  • No more 9 to 5.
  • No more busy work for the sake of getting the hours in.
  • No more relying on a single employer/company for my income.

Who would pay you for help?

Motivational Tips from Nigel Risner

Recently I heard Nigel Risner speak recently and also picked up his book “The Impact Code” and today we review some of his suggestions to make an impact in your life and business.  On this podcast I say his book is Making An Impact instead of “The Impact Code”  oops my notes were wrong.

His website is

We cover

  • “Be in the room” aka be present and focus on what you are doing.
  • Take action
  • Do something different
  • List your successes
  • Learn from the best
  • Jack Canfield’s formula E+R = O which is Events plus Response equals Outcome
  • Coach vs. Commentator – which voice are you hearing in your mind?

Let us know what you think and what tips you find helpful!