Small Business networking and Marketing Tips

In this episode we discuss some different networking and marketing tips. From using toastmasters to meet other people to find out that our bank has monthly networking events.

A tip is to keep trying different types of marketing. For example internet radio ads didn’t produce results for us and neither did impression advertising.

Sponsoring different groups has produced results and more than just new customers.

Maybe you should try offering an affilate marketing program. How much would you pay someone for a successful lead? Can you help another company who in turn can help you?

Can you get free products to review for companies?

Advertise on other web sites, try PPC (pay per click advertising) your ads can show up today.

Craigs list is free so that is something to try!

Have you setup a retargeting campaign to show ads to people who have visited your site? Want to learn how to setup a retargeting campaign then watch this video:

Try something new!

Building a Business is Creating a Nest Egg for You – Is your job?

In this episode we discuss the benefit of creating your own business being its value because you built it. You can sell your business after X number of years. What can you get after working for someone else.  What job can you get with a pension?  More than likely you are not going to find a job that provides you a pension.  Owning a business is also creating a nest egg for your retirement.  So I’d say if you are asking “How to save for retirement?” I say you should own a business.  You can start your own or buy an existing one.

Maybe you can buy a business to get a jump start here is one site that lists businesses for sale. You might also buy a business to grow your business.

Can you turn your hobby into a side business? Custom buildings? Tax returns?

Do you have a passion you can turn into a business?

Are you someone who posts a lot on social sites? Maybe you should start a blog or website of your own. Example maybe you are into documenting your race car work. Start posting all your photos and how to information on your own site or blog. Then you can advertise on the site with something like google’s adsense or affilate links etc.

You can offer your services on today for free!

Action is key so take some action!

If you know someone who owns their own business and you think they would make a good interview let me know.

An interview with a Self Employed Accountant CPA, CFP – DAD

This is our first interview and I’m honored that it is with my dad. I’ve been wanting to add interviews to this podcast to get insight into others who work for themselves. My dad is an work from home accountant. He spent 27 years in other fields before he decided to work for himself. Having a dad who worked for himself made me realize that I to could work for myself. So if you don’t have a parent who did that accept my dad as proof that you can work for yourself.

We explore what he does for companies, what it takes to work for yourself as well as what he sees in successful businesses along with a bit of history of his journey.

If you have thought about wanting to be a self employed person check it out. If you are an accountant or know one who might enjoy working for themselves share this interview.

My dad continues to get new clients without a website!