WordPress Basics: Install a Theme, add a page, install plugins, edit posts and pages

Today’s video shows you how to customize and add to your WordPress website.

This video covers these WordPress Features:

  • Installing and customizing ‘Themes’ (the way the site looks)
  • Adding and editing pages
  • Adding and editing posts
  • Installing Plugins including a contact page that emails you

WordPress is a content management software that allows you to add to and update your website all online which means instantly.


Multilevel Marketing as Business Education

Today we discuss the positive aspects of multilevel marketing.

I learned a lot about business when I joined Amway back in college.    I learned more about business from the books they suggested than I did getting 2 business degrees.  You may not control the brand like you do if you own your own business but there is lots to be learned.  I credit Amway with teaching me about residual income which lead me to starting a company that produces it.


  • Low Start-up costs
  • Learn to Sale
  • Learn about business (certain groups will be better than others)
  • Learn about residual income
  • Everyone can work with you (try hiring everyone you meet to work in other businesses)
  • Step by step instructions – I really believe it works if you work it.  Many people myself included surely think they can do better than what was suggested.
  • The parent company controls the brand, payout etc.
  • Stigma of a pyramid scheme – but can you make more than your boss or CEO at regular companies?  In multilevel marketing you can make more than the people above you if you grow your business larger.


How to setup a facebook.com website or page

This is a short video showing you how to setup a FaceBook.com page or website.  So if you want to have FaceBook.com/YourFreedomPodcast this video will show you how to set it up.

Remember that until a number of people like your facebook.com website or page it will be accessible via a URL which has the /pages/ Your NAME like the following   http://www.facebook.com/pages/YourFreedomPodcast/213634988748827

Coincidences and patterns in business,Residual vs. Passive income and repeat business

Today we cover

Coincidences and benefits of recognizing patterns in your business.

Attentiveness to customers’ needs can earn you repeat business like it has for us.  I was driving in on Easter to give a repeat customer a tour of the data center.

If you are in business by yourself realize what all you are going to be responsible for.  You should discuss this with your partners if you have them and be aware of what you will need to provide if you are in business by yourself.

Residual vs. Passive income: I think the best income is residual income since it means more free time for you.  Passive income and any income that you earn on your own is all good.