Residual Income Podcast Thoughts

Residual Income thoughts.

If you are earning residual income each time you add income your are getting a raise.  I like to think of it as freeing up more of my time each week, month and year.  For example if I earn $300 a day and I increase my residual income $300 a month then that is one less day I have to work each month.

Do you know how much you earn each hour, day, week and month?  Do you know what your rent or mortgage costs each day?  I think about residual income and compare it to my expenses as well as how much time it frees up for me.

Maybe rental properties are you way to residual income, maybe something else.  For me it is web hosting with

How to select and step up your wordpress website with godaddy

This video shows you the steps to setup you website to run on WordPress.  It only takes you a few minutes.

WordPress is a content management application that allows you to easily create, manage and update your website without paying a software developer.

Remember to select a Linux hosting plan to use WordPress for your website.


If you are getting errors when installing themes or widgets with your WordPress website on godaddy check to make sure your hosting plan is ‘Linux’ and not Windows.  When I first used a Windows account I had multiple errors and the site was really slow.  I logged in after calling them and they told me I could change my plan to Linux and once I did I was pleasantly surprised that content I had added was still working after it was moved to a linux hosting plan.

How to setup your You Tube channel

Here is a short and simple video showing you how easy it is to setup your channel.  It only takes a few minutes.  Then you can upload videos.

I suggest uploading videos to rather than hosting them on your server for these reasons:

  • People will find the videos on and then find your site.
  • YouTube will provide the bandwidth instead of your hosting program.
  • YouTube will provide the storage instead of your website.

I also mentioned using for 1.888.123.1234 phone number for your business.  I have used them for 8 or 9 years.  I really like using them because any voice mails that are left are emailed to me and others, I can login and look at call logs and I get an email anytime someone calls even if they do not leave a message.  That makes it possible to call the missed calls back.  Since I get an email for the business calls to 1.888 I know those are business rather than personal calls.

Tips to improve your productivity by removing distractions

Today we discuss gaining free time by removing Distractions.  With these tips you should be more productive which will give you more time to maybe work on your freedom business.

Tips include setting your internet browsers home page to blank, silencing your text message alerts and turning off instant messenger.

Tips to improve your responsiveness for Customer Service

Today’s podcast we talk about customer service.  How important it is and some tips and suggestions to improve your responsiveness.

How can you make sure you or someone on call gets the alert/message?

How important is your customer service?

Your customer service can be a differentiator and thus a money maker for you.

Why will you and why should you start your own business? Freedom!

Today we discuss why you would want to start your own business.  Sometimes you may need to know WHY it is worth your time and effort to work a little extra.  Are you paid what your time is worth?  Are you fulfilled?  Do you have as much free time as you would like?

What kind of web hosting plan do you need?

We discuss what to consider when choosing a web hosting plan from shared hosting to content management and portability.  If you choose the right platform you can start small and migrate to a more powerful plan when needed which will save you money and time.

What to consider when selecting a domain name for your business.

In this episode we chat about what to consider when selecting a domain name aka a URL for your business.  Short versus long domain names as well as how easily you can spell it and can someone remember it.  Should it have key words in it?

Business Podcast Introduction to Your Freedom

The first podcast.

Introducing myself, my background and goals for this podcast.  Including the idea of residual income and ways to earn it.

Keys to business take some action.  You will learn a ton by taking action whether is is buying a foreclosure or buying servers for web hosting.  Did both of them and have learned tons because we took action.

Still wasn’t sure what the name of the site would be but I took the action of recording it!