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Interview with Rachel La Grandeur who owns and runs AnchorsStaging.com a home staging business for Denver Colorado area.

This is an interview with Rachel La Grandeur who owns and runs AnchorsStaging.com which offers services in the home staging business for the Denver Colorado Market.

Rachel La Grandeur of Anchors Staging

This podcast covers many topics including:

  • The increased sales price from staging 6% to 8%.
  • Cost of consulting and staging a home.
  • What a staging warehouse is and the challenges with them.
  • Tips for staging your home from clutter to real photos.
  • Challenge for staggers in a hot market.
  • Benefit of removing the stress for a seller to get a home ready.
  • What colors are hot – think light and bright!
  • ClosetBox.me to use to store your extra items until you move.
  • https://www.pinterest.com/anchorsstage/

A great new book to read and apply ‘The Success Principles’

A week or so ago I ordered Jack Canfield’s 10th anniversary edition of ‘The Success Principals’. I heard an interview with him on ‘SolopreneurHour.com’ and I was sold. The episode is found here Jack Canfield. Jack is the coauthor of the ‘Chicken Soup’ series of books and has been very successful. If you order the 10th anniversary version you get some bonus content including a video and audio of Jack answering questions. Also the first two chapters of the book as a download. See Let me know if you get it, have it and how the principles are working for you.

In this podcast I share my excitement over Jack’s new book and my thoughts on hanging out with people you want to be like, they are people you can learn from.